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Main Hall (weekday 7am - 5pm)                                                                                           $500

Main Hall (weekday evenings)                                                                                               $500

Meeting Room - weekdays (7am-5pm) (5pm-10pm)                                                        $125

Meeting Room - weekends - 5 hour rental                                                                          $125

   - $25 for each additional hour

Please ask about Catering Services for any meals required. All catering is done in house.

Trade shows, Craft Sales, Scrapbooking weekends, etc                                               Contact us

The TC Energy Centre is proud to support Local Community Groups and Local Non Profit Organizations.

Community Clinics - Such as Flu Clinic or Blood Drive - weekday rental                  - $300 

Community Fall Supper or Fund Raising Meal - Sunday rental                                   - $400

Kitchen Rental  -  Large open space with plenty of stainless steel work surfaces. 2 Combi Ovens, 3 Commercial Ovens, 2 Stove tops (10 burners), Large Griddle, Walk in Cooler, Commercial Dishwasher, Non Slip Floors. 

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